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The Moroccan Office of Industrial and Commercial Property(OMPIC) is the organization in charge of industrial property protection(trademarks, patents, industrial designs) and maintaining of the central trade register in Morocco. OMPIC is a public institution with legal personality and financial autonomy. It is supervised by the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and the Digital Economy.

Its role is to be an effective and efficient accompanying vector in the cycle of creating the enterprise and protecting the Industrial Property Rights.

The office acts in the process by raising awareness and promotion, offering services adapted to the immediate and future needs of customers, and that occurs downstream in ensuring evaluation and respect of protected rights

OMPIC holds the national registers of industrial property, namely trademarks of factory, trade or service, patents, industrial designs and models, geographical indications and origin's labels .

It also holds the Central Trade Register, on which natural and legal entity enterprises are listed, being engaged in commercial activities on the national territory.

In addition to the record keeping needed for the protection of industrial and commercial property, OMPIC's mission is to communicate information to the public:

  • Legal Information: Extracts from industrial and commercial property register, official copies, publication and official gazette, copies of acts (Status, Minutes, Certificates_, balance sheet, ...)
  • Technical Information: Technical review stemming from patents.
  • trade information: Enterprise creation, financial data from the balance sheets,

Other missions are assigned to the OMPIC include:

  • to promote a better use of industrial and commercial property, with the aim of making a vector of competitiveness for companies and support innovation and creativity.
  • to improve knowledge and develop skills as regards intellectual and commercial property (CIP) through the creation of the Moroccan Academy of intellectual and Commercial Property (AMAPIC)