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Brand Search

Before initiating the procedure for filing the trademark, it is recommended to make an anteriority search in the databases freely available on the site, to ensure its availability.

These databases give you access not only to national trademarks registered in the OMPIC regardless of their status (pending, published, registered, deleted...), but also to international registrations designating Morocco.

Consult the databases of trademarks

Caution: you must make your own research, because this step is not the responsibility of the OMPIC.

It is generally insufficient to simply search a trademark identical to the one you wish to use. To deepen your research, you must consider the visual and phonetic aspect of trademarks.

  • For example: If your trademark name is "EXPRESS", you can search the databases not only the identical, but also the name "XPRESS" because it is pronounced exactly in the same way, even if the spelling is different.

TIP: you can do an advanced search by combining several criteria at once (example: searching by the trademark Name and Nice class and brand state.