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About RCC


The Central trade register is one of the two components (Local trade registers and the Central Register) of the trade register. It gathers and describes all information relating to natural or legal persons exercising commercial activities or having a commercial structure. These persons must be registered, obtaining, thus, a registration number to identify them.

It is intended to make known the existence, characteristics and future of these professionals of the commercial activity to inform third parties (anyone can request communication).

The Central Trade Register is held by the Moroccan Industrial and Commercial Property Office.

Role and missions

The Central Trade Register:

  • Centralize, for the entire kingdom, the information mentioned in the various local registers and documents registered at the local level (PV, status, financial statements);
  • Transcribe, without delay, the particulars which are transmitted by the secretary-clerk, with a reference to the local trade register in which the trader or commercial company is registered.
  • Deliver the certificates for  registration of the names of traders, trading names (for legal persons) and trading names (for individual businesses) as well as certificates and copies relative to other registrations made therein;
  • Diffuse to the public any information necessary for the registration of traders in the trade register.