• Trademarks

    Trademark, of commerce or service is a visible sign capable of graphic representation allowing to distinguish the products offered for sale or services rendered by a natural or legal entity. 

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  • Understanding the Industrial Property

    Industrial property is a component of the intellectual property which refers to works of the mind. It relates to the protection and enhancement of inventions, innovations and creations.

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    Understanding the Industrial Property
  • Patent

    A patent is a legal title which may be granted for any inventions presenting a technical nature, provided it is new, involve an inventive activity and capable of industrial application.

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  • DMI

    An industrial design or model is ornamental or aesthetic aspect of an object from an industrial or artisanal production. Examples: textile designs, jewelry, furniture, vehicles, cell phones, etc… ...

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Célébration de la Journée Mondiale de la Propriété Intellectuelle, OMPIC - le 26 avril 2017

L’Office Marocain de la Propriété Industrielle et Commerciale (OMPIC) célèbre  la Journée...

  • 15/09/201615 septembre 2016: Les Bilans 2015 sont désormais disponibles sur la plateforme www.directinfo.ma

  • 24/08/2016Liste des candidats retenus pour passer l’examen écrit pour le recrutement des Cadres

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